Brooklyn-wide Interagency Council on Aging

Grassroots organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of seniors in Brooklyn.



Due to the evolving/increasing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we have decided to cancel our BWICA meetings until further notice.  BWICA will continue to monitor developments and further announcements from all public health authorities, and will keep you updated with any new information. 

The health and safety of all BWICA members is most important to us.

If you do not have a doctor or insurance and think you may be sick and need to be tested for coronavirus, call the state's helpline at 888-364-3065

NY StateWide Senior Action Council STATE BUDGET BRIEFING CALLS

  1. Friday, April 17th, 10 AM: Final Budget negotiations impact on programs that support older residents.

  2. Friday, June 19th, 10 AM: Federal legislation & budget issues that impact older NY'ers.  

CALL: 712-832-8330; 425-436-6260Access code 4715203#



Brooklyn-wide Interagency Council on Aging

5901 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219-4935

NY StateWide Senior Action Council TELEPHONE TEACH-IN

  • April 21: Empowering New York Consumers in an Era of Hospital Consolidation.


  • May 19, Difficult Decisions for Patients and Caregivers About Post-Acute Care and Why They Matter, United Hospital Fund

  • June 23, Take CHARGE Campaign; 5 Steps to Patient Empowerment

Call in numbers.

Access code 4715203#



Social Security Recipients Will Automatically Receive Economic Impact Payments (4/1)

(see U.S. Department of the Treasury press release HERE) 

Please review this helpful information from Ponce De Leon Bank:



Our Early Interpretation of What's to Come


Yesterday, the U.S. Government passed CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security), the largest aid package in our nation’s history, as part of an effort to combat the economic devastation wrought by COVID-19. The Act is 800 pages long and will take some time to digest. There’re likely to be changes, updates, interpretations and mis-interpretations; and perhaps amendments. A lot of information is floating around, many good, some not. That’s part of why we’re here to help. Here are a few points in the new law that we feel most directly affect our Ponce Bank family and friends. This is our starting point; we will follow up with more helpful and pertinent information. 


Please CLICK HERE to read more

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